Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need a ventilation checklist?

    A. Most municipalities in the Lower Mainland will require a ventilation checklist anytime a building permit is in place.

    Two reasons for the checklist:

    1. To make sure that there is no fan in the home that can create a negative pressure in the home. A negative pressure in the home can cause the backdrafting of naturally vented gas or wood fuelled appliances, which can lead to illness or death.
    2. To make sure the home is properly ventilated to allow enough fresh air in and vent stale and/or moist air out from kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Why should I have Fire and Ice design my HVAC system and not just have a HVAC installation company do it?

    A. We provide a customized solution for your HVAC needs. We can design a system that fits your comfort and budgetary requirements without trying to up sell you anything. We have a broad range of experience in many different types of systems and the integration of hybrid systems (in both design and installation).

  • Isn’t the highest efficiency rated system the best system?

    A. Not necessarily. There are many factors that go into a systems design. These include, but are not limited to, fuel to be used, distribution method, site conditions and lifetime cost of operation and repair. So, the short answer is no. This is one of the reasons why you can benefit from a consult with Fire and Ice System Design.

  • I found a company providing discount offers; am I setting myself up for poor quality/service?

    A. As with many questions there isn’t a straight-forward answer. Discounts are a form of marketing and are meant to bring you in to spend more money. When a deal is too good to be true there are often hidden costs or some sort of hard sell coming with it or the company doesn’t know how to price their product and will soon be out of business (none of these things are good for consumers).

    At Fire and Ice System Design we do not have anything to upsell you on; we provide a service to meet your comfort needs within your budget and to help steer you through the process of getting quality work done.

  • Why does my HVAC system need balancing and how do I know when it is necessary?

    A. Balancing is required to provide equal distribution of air (or water in the case of radiant heat) throughout the home. In addition, adequate air flow from a balanced system can extend the life of equipment.  Balancing should be performed at the time of equipment start-up (or after a change to the system). Typical symptoms of an unbalanced system may include, hot or cold rooms (unbalanced temperature) and louder than expected operating noise.