HVAC Design, Testing & Commissioning Services

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Our comprehensive services range from HVAC Design and TECA (Thermal Environmental Comfort Association) ventilation checklists to residential energy audits and system commissioning. We pride ourselves on our quality designs that meet the needs of the project and the standards of the current BC Building Code (including the BC Energy Step Code).
Our Services


Our Services

Testing & Commissioning

Depressurization Test

When completing a ventilation checklist for our customers, a depressurization test is sometimes necessary to confirm or negate the need for a make-up air system.

Blower Door Test & Energy Audit

Blower door testing is an important part of any household energy audit and is performed to measure air-leakage rates of your home.

System Balancing & Commissioning

The most important part of any HVAC system’s smooth operation is ensuring that it’s delivering a suitable amount of air to different rooms in your home.