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Depressurization Testing

When completing a ventilation checklist for our customers, a depressurization test is sometimes necessary to confirm or negate the need for a make-up air system.
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What is Depressurization Testing?

The depressurization test is performed when construction is complete on a new house or renovation. Fundamentally, depressurization is a negative pressure that develops when an exhaust device, for example, a range hood in your kitchen or an exhaust fan in your bathroom, is turned on in the home. Our testing methods are designed to indicate when an unsafe backdraft condition is created by a large ventilation appliance.
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How Fire and Ice Can Help

When your home is tightly sealed, it reduces the natural air supply to any room and may adversely effect the safe operation of a combustion appliance (gas powered appliance). When there is not enough air, these appliances may have a problem adequately venting their products of combustion to the outside. To meet this safety need, we close down your home, sealing all windows and doors and take a pressure reading of the outside and inside of your house.

We want to make certain that the pressure difference doesn’t exceed the recommended level (.02 Water Column Inch). If you have a higher differential than recommended, your combustion appliances, for example, your furnace, hot water tank or wood fireplace, will backdraft and create a dangerous situation within your home.

If you’re looking for Ventilation Checklist for your construction project, Fire & Ice System Design experts will work closely with you to provide the best solutions to your HVAC duct design to handle your home’s pressure and venting matters. CONTACT US for solutions to handle your specific needs.

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