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Residential HVAC Design

Having a carefully designed, high performance HVAC system is a great way to deliver comfort to you and your family and to maintain your healthy home.
About Us

HVAC Design Solutions

Fire and Ice specializes in designing HVAC systems, which include forced air heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, specific to residential home renovations and new construction. We also specialize in the design of hydronic heating systems and the integration with forced air systems. We provide design solutions for the discerning homeowner with a desire for the highest quality of comfort and performance.

Specializing in custom and challenging applications, we have extensive knowledge and experience with a variety of mechanical systems including the most effective way to integrate complex systems to maximize the comfort of your home. We listen to your wants and needs to provide the best solution for your vision of your home.

A number of elements go into designing the perfect HVAC System for your home to ensure its optimal operating potential, including zoning, load calculations and ductwork. We adhere to industry standards when designing our HVAC system (complete with TECA stamped forms) to ensure that you receive the highest comfort level while reducing energy consumption.

What Can We Do

How Fire and Ice Can Help

Our Fire and Ice expert will meet with you initially to determine your budget and outline your needs and wants for your project. We will provide some initial feedback on reconciling the needs and wants so you’re aware of any budgeting constraints from early on in the process.

Based on our meeting and the drawings we will provide a detailed design including: heat load calculations, heat gain calculations and appropriately sized equipment selection. Also included in the design documents will be layout and equipment specifications for the various components of the mechanical systems. We will provide all applicable documents including a CAD drawing of the tube layout for in-floor radiant heating and duct layouts for forced air heating and cooling.

After you have received bids from various contractors we can help you assess the bids for completeness (all components are accounted for including the appropriate equipment) and can answer any questions that will help you determine the bid that would be the best fit for your project.

Once an installing contractor has been selected we will meet with them to go over the mechanical systems and the intention of the design. We will be available throughout the project to consult as necessary to ensure the install meets the design requirements. We will review the work at the rough in and finishing stages and will commission the system in conjunction with the installing contractor.

About Us

Importance of Proper Duct Design

1. To ensure adequate and equal distribution of air for optimal comfort throughout your home.

Poorly designed or installed duct work can cause your home to have unbalanced or insufficient heating and cooling, leaving some rooms hotter or colder than desired. In addition, inappropriately sized components (equipment or duct work) can cause the system to be noisy. A noisy system is only realized at the time of commissioning when the work is complete and likely too late to change the install.

2. To ensure proper air flow to protect equipment and meet the heating and cooling requirements.

Inadequate air flow within the system can cause the equipment to short cycle which will cause the equipment to operate inefficiently and will shorten the life of the equipment.

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